Take a tour of our beautiful websites examples and experience some of our work for yourself.

Eagle Web Services

Eaglewebservices.com is a custom made website and using bootstrap css framework along with jquery, javascript, and unique line icons. SVG's are used throughout the site to give it the crisp clean lines and we are using laravel PHP framework as our backend.

Eagle Communications, Inc

Eaglecom.net was created using jekyll, a static site generator. This site features different pricings for all areas and we managed to do it without a single database to manage. The site is pure HTML which makes it lightning fast, and we used Bulma CSS as a starting point for the style framework.

The Paisley Pear

The Paisley Pear is a local restaurant, bistro, market, and wine bar in one unique experience. We created a site that would reflect everything from their delicious coffee and sandwiches for lunch, to wine tasting on a romantic evening on the weekend. We used wordpress for this to easily update menus, pictures, and more.

Western Investments

Smokey Hills western investments is a self storage business with many locations and commercial properties located primarily in Hays, Kansas. This is a wordpress installation with some custom PHP written and some extra CSS to add some unique style.

Advanced Real Estate Company

Advanced Real Estate Comany, P.A. Farm & Ranch is a successful real estate company in Hays, Kansas. This site utilizes wordpress and we have tailored the site to be able to add and manage listings with ease.


Veterinary Research & Consulting Services, LLC site was built using a static site generator, Jekyll. Its using the bulma CSS framework for styling and animate.css for the subtle animations that make it a smooth user experience. Later, a custom template was created and converted into a wordpress site for content management.

Reichs Foreign Car Service

Based in Junction City, Kansas, Reichs Foreign Car Service specializes in foreign car repair and services. We wanted to create something easy to use and to tell the audience what the business does. This site is using a custom built wordpress theme and using the Bulma CSS framework.